New comics (be they either Greyscale or Colour Wheel) go up Tuesdays and Saturdays every week.

Colour Wheel is a weekly webcomic about a group of teenagers and their problems, from the romantic to the mystical to the merely unlikely. The setting is modern day or thereabouts with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements thrown in.

The cast consists of ultimately six main characters and a large rotating cast of minor characters.

Contains elements of the following:

  • Casual to high Fantasy and Sci-fi elements integrated in a modern-day setting
  • Some language
  • Cartoon to moderate violence
  • Some sexual themes (Nothing terribly explicit – think around PG/PG13 or so)
  • Light blood
  • Some darker themes (Again, PG/PG13 or thereabouts)
  • Some general skewing of reality for the sake of a quick laugh


The Backstory

Colour Wheel is the attempt of some guy to become better at something. After realising he wanted to become a graphic novelist, Christopher King, the author, hit the minor stumbling block of not having any idea what he was doing. This led him to do what any monkey with a tablet could do and start a webcomic.

Colour Wheel is a work in progress. The author is picking things up as he goes and seeing what works by trial and error. The entire thing is a learning experience. Fortunately, it will only get better as it goes along.

Regardless of all that, it has a full story that will be followed to its conclusion.


Greyscale Comics originally started as bonus and filler material, but eventually spiraled out of control until it became its own series. Starring the author and his increasing inability to determine fantasy from reality, as well as one or two fictional characters who mostly do their best to make his life more difficult interesting.

It’s slice-of-life/autobiographical, filtered through a specific kind of unreality.


The Author

Christopher King is currently living somewhere in Canada. He spends his nights watching old TV shows; his days are spent catching up on sleep and cursing Netflix. In between, he draws comics and spends too much time on the internet.