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If you’re not familiar with it already, Patreon is a site where you can choose to pay a little bit every month to support the comic (and my art in general). In exchange, you get access to all sorts of bonus rewards not accessible anywhere else. When you pledge you’re helping me earn a proper wage at this whole comic-making thing, which is not only very cool of you but also super-important to me.

Here’s just a handful of the goodies you can get by pledging:

wedge_rd_tiny_1 Exclusive wallpapers for your computer or phone wedge_rd_tiny_2

wedge_orange_1 Extra sketches & info on established people and places in the comic wedge_orange_2

wedge_ylw_tiny_1 Materials and drawings from the Ye Olde days of Colour Wheel’s development wedge_ylw_tiny_2

wedge_grn_tiny_1 Development notes and sneak peeks into the comic’s production process wedge_grn_tiny_2

wedge_blu_tiny_1 Previews of upcoming pages the week before they’re posted wedge_blu_tiny_2

wedge_ppl_tiny_1 And did I mention? Even more comics. wedge_ppl_tiny_2

Every dollar helps me keep working, and keep updating. So if you like what I do, and if you feel so inclined, I sincerely hope you’ll consider pledging!