(This commentary was added in 2017)

…This is one of several hints I Did Not Know How To Take Care Of Myself. I mean dang, do you know WHY I kept getting this sick? It’s how my body processes stress!

Here’s a tip for any of you fledgling webcomickers out there: If even the thought of working on a for-fun project you know you used to LOVE fills you with fear and guilt and shame, YOU NEED TO STOP. If you force it, if you pressure yourself, if everything becomes about how “good” the project needs to be, you need to stop. You need to take care of yourself. You’re hurting yourself at that point, and pushing won’t “fix it”, it will only make it worse. And also? You’re killing your story. You’re choking all of the life and joy and love you have invested in it and turning it into something broken.

…Okay, that won’t be everyone’s experience.

But please: Take care of yourself. Do the things you love, and do them for fun. Make mistakes and feel good, because you made them by trying something.

Seriously. It can be pretty dang important.