I admit to some artistic license here. What I actually figured out how to do is slightly too wordy to fit in a comic: A box containing the name of whatever game character is speaking hovers near a dialogue box. After a long, long time, I managed to make the box disappear when no character is speaking (when there’s narration or described effects) and then, when speaking resumes, IT COMES BACK

No seriously this took me freaking days.

There are some things my brain takes a looooooong time to properly grasp. Complex systems like programming happen to be one of them.

I should mention that I’m not making my own nails, here. I’m using Unity (which is awesome btw) and there are approximately nine billion tutorials out there on how to do stuff with it. These are written by clever, excellent people, and so far I understand about 1% of them.

So yeah, my current ability to “program” consists mainly of copy/pasting and failing to follow instructions. But it feels like I’m learning. I’m starting to know what some stuff does, at least!

Man, I can’t wait to properly understand this stuff. I actually really want to make my own nails.