(This commentary was edited in 2017)

Behold the ninety minute commercial Destiny Cards: Cards of Destiny: The Movie! And if the protagonist looks vaguely familiar…well, it’s probably just a coincidence.


The hit* animated series Destiny Cards show makes its debut on the big screen this summer! Follow everyone’s favourite* hero Deck Shuffler as he and his adorable* card spirit Fennec come face to face with the evil Countess Calypso in the battle of a lifetime! Will Prince Lychee of the Flower Nation survive being brainwashed by Calypso’s dark magic(again)? Will the precocious Pine continue to make observations about things the audience already knew? And will Deck be able to save the mysterious Princess Nebula of the Galaxy Nation from Calypso’s clutches in a Destiny Duel like none before, despite the game’s impenetrable ruling system? Only the card spirits heart of the cards generic forces of fate know for sure!