…So have I mentioned I’m trans?

I never really planned to be quiet about it going in. I’m certainly not ashamed of it; On the contrary, when I first figured it out it was one of the first things I’d felt confident about in a long while.

For one reason or another, I kept putting off mentioning it, though. I’d make excuses without realising they were excuses. And then not long ago it struck me why: The name I’d made for myself online was the place I could be most myself. I didn’t want to reveal something that might take that away.

…Then my family said they were ready to be okay with it, too.

That helped a lot.

…The thing here, though, is that I’ve had some time to think about this whole thing. And…I’ve kind of been thinking about it backwards.

This isn’t a vulnerability. The fact that I’m hiding from it, is. This is something that brings me confidence and happiness, and I’m only hurting myself by not taking pride in it.

Regardless of what anything else thinks, the most important thing is that I’m honest about something that brings me joy.

I’m trans male.