There will be another sketch comic on Tuesday! Fun times.

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So being out has seriously alleviated my previously all-encompassing depression. I don’t think I can say it’s cured it completely, but damn if it hasn’t come pretty darn close. What’s weird (or perhaps, inevitable) is that I’ve been able to get a different perspective on some stuff.

Like: That “mysterious” pattern of mine where I zip along fine for a period on the comic, then hit a mild rough patch and everything goes to hell for a while? I used to think it was something wrong with my mindset, and I was right, but not in the way I thought I was. Turns out it’s not because I was putting too much pressure on myself or blah blah blah – I mean I was, but that was just a symptom as opposed to the root cause itself.

Thing is, I think about the story (and if not CW, then one of the multitude I have planned) almost constantly.

Because my writing is what has helped me survive my depression.

I learned to take escapism as far as it would go because that’s what got me through to the end of the day. Only problem is, the old brain isn’t really meant to do the same thing all the time without stopping, so I was really just wearing myself further and further down. Taking a break was inconceivable, so I’d just keep the gears turning until I burned out completely.

…Not really the best way to get something done, I think.

So I’m taking a step back. Earlier this week I realised I was starting to wear down and pushing on anyway, so rather than force the issue I’m giving myself a little breathing room. (Thank goodness for sketch comics.) I think it’s what needs to be done to keep myself sane and, in the long run, happy working on this story. And I honestly think learning not to force it is also going to be better for production long term.

I guess all that amounts to a long way of saying: Hey look, a sketch comic!

Thanks for reading.