Avi Square AU default

This may be the single most half-assed thing you’ve ever drawn.

Avi Square sparkles

Yes. Yes it is.

Avi Square AU sip

Avi Square ill

…I have a cold.


Avi Square yo

Hello new readers! Welcome to what is possibly the single most confusing comic to a new reader I’ve ever done. For now, feel free to ignore the vertigo and pull up a chair while I explain what usually goes on around here.

As the name implies, the main comic on this site is called Colour Wheel! And this isn’t it. This is a Sketch Comic, which updates when CW doesn’t. I highly recommend you start by reading Colour Wheel here – It’s the comic where all the effort actually is. Also: The art gets better. That’s kind of the point of making the comic altogether.

For more info, I recommend checking out the about page. Or you can just dive right in.

Hope you enjoy Colour Wheel! And maybe even its weird little cousin the sketch comics.


P.S. to everybody who was already here: I did a guest comic for the excellent webcomic Selkie a short while ago. If you haven’t yet, you should really give it a read. Don’t let the art style throw you, it’s a quite well written and emotional comic about families and adoption. And oh yeah, merpeople.