(This commentary was edited in 2017)

Why she only has to get close instead of touching is because of something called step-voltage, which can fry you from several feet away, and is one of many reasons you shouldn’t get too close to downed power cables.

This has been another installment of “Please Don’t Die”, brought to you by Anxiety.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: Okay, see that reel of cable? While I run one end over to the robot, you guys get ready to throw the other end over one of the power lines so it wraps around. Electricity runs through the cable and into the robot.

Panel 2
Coby: So all you have to do is hitch up one end to a rampaging death machine.
Violet: Well, it only has to get near it.
Violet: I'll just drop it and run.

Panel 3
Red: Why don't two people handle the robot?
Coby: Because it's further from here to the power line.
Violet: It'll take both of you to carry the cable.

Panel 4
Violet: Alright. Now, let's get a move on before this becomes any weirder.

Panel 5
Red: So when are you going to tell her you shoot lightning?
Coby: I don't intend to mention it.