Woo done. Still one or two things that need doing, but I’ll get to those over the next day because it is late o’clock at night. You get a presentable comic and I get to do that…thing. With the bed and the pillows. EVERYBODY WINS.

…Holy crud, 100 pages. That feels milestone-y, but for some reason I can’t think of anything to say. Might have to do with the flickering and woobly shurbles my brain is doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME. I’m tired.

On this day, we hit this milestone in much the same way as we began: on the verge of probable disaster. That’s probably going to be a bit of a trend.

And done!  Tried something slightly different with the shading and it took longer than I thought. Can you tell? Of course you can.

Shut up, you in the back there.