Avi Square default

So I’ve got a minor announcement, but before I get to that can I just say WOW this page didn’t take very long to do. It’s a lot simpler than usual, plus I tried some things with the backgrounds that made them take less time…still not sure I like the effect better or worse yet though. I think if every page were this simple, multiple updates a week wouldn’t be impossible…something I’m thinking about. But anyhow.

So I’m thinking about looking into putting some ads on the site.

Avi Square duck

Avi Square hide glare

…Get that out of your system?

Now, this isn’t because a) I’m suddenly in a financial crisis or b) I’ve decided to finally cash in on the financial goldmine of making a webcomic.* Simply put, I’ve been running the site out of pocket for a while now, and I figure it’s time to start seeing if this thing can’t help support itself. I’m thinking 2, maybe 3 banner ads or thereabouts, nothing too major.

So that might be happening. Just a bit of a heads up.

Thanks for reading.

*Note: Said goldmine does not exist even metaphorically.