Avi Square eep

Did everybody have a fun week? I had a fun week.

But let’s not go there, because I’m pretty sure you can’t see my face on the security tape but I don’t want to give the cops any leads.

Seriously though. Fun times.

You may have noticed the lack of sketch comics on Tuesdays lately(or you don’t care but you get to hear this anyway. Unless you stop reading and leave. CURSES FOILED). It’s just been a little busier than usual so I’ve been spending comic-work-time on upcoming pages instead. They’ll probably be back soonish.

Oh yeah, and thishasactuallybeenhappeningforawhilenow but look! Advertising! *Tinny trumpeting sounds* I might stick a banner ad up somewhere soon too, but this is probably about as much as I wanna do. So…yeah.

As always, thanks for reading.


P.S. Here’s a textless closeup of that third panel because I got totally carried away with the tiny invisible details again I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY.


(And remember you can see the whole page without text (at a more normal size) by voting for us on Top Webcomics! *cough* shameless plug *cough* )