(This commentary was added in 2017)

And so the first superpower-type-ability in the comic makes its debut.

…Without once yet appearing onscreen.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: So...did you mayhap forget the whole "let's zap the robot with a lot of electricity" thing?
Coby: Ur...no, see, it's not like my shocks are that powerful to begin with, but even if they were, I'm kind of spent right now.

Panel 2
Caption: Earlier
{Coby sees a pickpocket steal someone's wallet}

Panel 3
Violet: ...Okay, I guess I can see that.
Red: But just one bolt doesn't usually drain you...
Coby: I'm not finished.

Panel 4
Citizen: I'm not giving you my money!
Mugger: It's a mugging. Are you new at this?

Panel 5
Belligerent person: {waving baseball bat at vending machine} I WANT MY @#&% CRISPY TWISTS YOU MONEY-SUCKING &@#%!

Panel 6
Jerk: {following after angry person} She's just a friend!
Jerk: I said I was sorry!
Jerk: It probably won't happen again!

Panel 7
Albus: Go forth, my rab-bot army! Go forth and raze the earth! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Panel 8
Overloaded grocery shopper: Excuse me, could you please hold-
Jerk on cell phone: {drops door}

Panel 9
Coby: Okay, that last one wasn't one of my proudest moments.
Coby: But still.
Violet: [thinking] "Rab-bots"?