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And hey! We have some guest stars this week. Appearing with the consent of their creators are (from the left:) Ten and Luna from the webcomic Everblue, and Fie, Dominique, and Dexter from the comic Seed. I highly recommend checking out their comics of origin; the stories are well crafted and the art absolutely lovely. Many thanks to the artists Michael Sexton (blue-ten) and Julia Philip (Drobvirks) for letting their characters show up in Colour Wheel.

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On a more production-y note, I was originally going to have the people in visor vision be more glowy with colour, like Coby is here on page 102. But I wound up liking it better when you could see them in their own colours, thusly I toned down the aura effect. If you’re curious, this is a less intense but quite similar setting to the one Forest was using earlier.

And, because I rather liked how it turned out, here’s the (extra large – wooo!) middle panel without the visors:


(Click for a larger view)

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Now, with regards to some more personal stuff:

There were some pretty serious things going down this week. Thankfully, it looks like everyone’s going to be okay from here on out, but for a while it was very scary concerning the life of my younger sister. I may wind up posting a fairly large thing about it on Tuesday. I don’t know yet, I’m very much sorting out my own very intense feelings about the whole situation still.

In any case, thanks very much for reading.