Avi Square sparkles

Melanie’s sunglasses were blown off by the sheer force of me not wanting to draw them anymore.

Avi Square lil smile

All done! The vote incentive’s been updated to feature the current page, too, so give that a click if you feel like it. My sources* tell me that votes at the beginning of the month mean more or something, so clicks now may bump us up the ranks negligibly. Which could be cool! Or not. I have no idea.

It’s funny, I started this with the plan of drawing things more cartoony, and I kind of did, but for the most part I got stuck in a lot of my existing work habits. Guess I gotta focus on adjusting my mindset more than anything at this point.

Some other production-type things I have learned this week:

  • Perspective + Foreshortening is hard.
  • I spend way, wayyy too long on lighting and shading. Seriously, this took like 8 hours. I’m gonna be simplifying that step…a lot in the future.
  • I actually had a lot of fun with the backgrounds, especially once I laid down a little bit of a plan for them. Also nature things are fun to draw. This is one reason why New Chroma has a statistically above average amount of space dedicated to parks and roof gardens. The more you know ~☆

*Internet hearsay