Page is finished at last~ PLUS: Updated the vote incentive to a textless version of this page and the previous one. Woooooo

Crap has been going on in my life. Buuut I think I want to keep that kind of thing…away from this site and its stories. I want this to be a good place where that stuff doesn’t come into it. I mean, sure, the story’s going to hit its points of drama, but for the most part…if this thing just gives you something to feel happy about, or amused by, then that’s all I want.

Stuff still happens in my life, though, that will inevitably impact the comic. So if you want to know the joy that was my life this week, you can see read it here. [Trigger Alert: Mention of attempted suicide.]

Anyhoo. Thanks for reading, as always.


PS: Oh yeah I have a twitter now

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