(This commentary was edited in 2017)

Avi Square lil smile

Several years down the line and I’m still pretty happy with that whole top row of panels. I was on fire.

Fortunately I was shortly extinguished and was able to resume drawing this page.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
SFX: VMMMMMM {giant laser beam}

Panel 2
Coby: You know what, we can talk about this later.
Red: Shall we go?
Violet: Let's.

Panel 3
SFX: DM DM DM {Big ol' robot stomping}
{Everybody runs}

Panel 4
Coby: Think you can take it from here?
Red: I think so.
Coby: Okay. I'm going to go back and see if I can help Violet.

Panel 5
Coby: You'll be okay, right?
Red: Coby, I work with high-powered electronics all day. What do you think?

Panel 6
Coby: {Stops.}

Panel 7
Coby: No.
Red: {upside-down} Good call.