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This was hard, but still one of my favourite pages in this episode to do. YAY ACTION SEQUENCES.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: {hiding from robo}

Panel 2
{Violet's phone goes off. The robot...notices.}

Panel 3
Phone: DAD is calling.
Violet: Oh, for the love of...

Panel 4
Violet: Hi dad.
Violet: As a matter of fact, there /is/ a robot trying to kill me.
Violet: ...Well, then why did you call?

Panel 5
Violet: No, I'm not busy.

Panel 6
Violet: You lost what now?
Violet: ...You do realise that, being out of town, I can't help look for it?

Panel 7
Violet: Why on earth would it have been with my luggage?
Violet: Well, maybe if your storage system didn't consist entirely of steamer trunks, this wouldn't be an issue.
Violet: You ever hear of these things called filing cabinets?

Panel 8
Violet: I'm going to have to let you go, dad.
Violet: After I'm done battling the rampaging death machine, I was thinking of maybe wandering into traffic, or seeing what a real, big city gang fight is like up close.

Panel 9
Violet: ...Yes, I did remember to pack a sweater.
Violet: Thank you for being so concerned with my well-being.