(This commentary was added in 2017)

I gleefully admit to enjoying cartoon slapstick, though I define it pretty specifically: 1) Hugely exaggerated and 2) doesn’t do any real damage. Pain isn’t funny to me, but the Ridiculous is.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Red: After my examination-
Violet: By which you mean frying yourself?
Red: -I have found this bot to be inactive, and thus completely safe.

Panel 2
{Robot again.}

Panel 3
Red: Of course, I could always be wroooooooo

Panel 4
Red: oooooooong
Violet: ...Oh /crap/.
Coby: He'll be fine.
Violet: Are you /serious?/
Coby: He always is. Come on.

Panel 5
Caption: Several hundred meters away
Injured Tourist 1: ...Of course, that first-aid station has roots going back almost half a year, ever since the current mayor stubbed his toe in that very spot.
Tourist 2: Gary, I swear I'll hit you myself.

Panel 6

Panel 7
Red: Oh, hello!
Red: Good thing I didn't land on anything important, huh?
Tourist 2: ...Yes. Yes it is.