(This commentary was added in 2017)

I love little conditional style changes. Whenever Coby powers up his hair goes wild, and (though it won’t show up til the next page or so) the edges turn lighter blue.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Coby: Great. So it's death by robot, or death by falling.
Coby: Who built this park anyway?
Violet: Well, no rush. You've got another half-second to decide.

Panel 2
{near miss electric bolt zappy}
Coby: GAH!

Panel 3
SFX: SNAP KRAK {little electric zappys}
Coby: Of course. Lightning. Because it clearly wasn't dangerous enough before.
Violet: I don't like the looks of those bolts... We probably shouldn't-

Panel 4
SFX: ZM {Coby gets hit with a bolt oh noes}

Panel 5
Violet: Are you okay!?
Coby: I'm fine...

Panel 6
Coby: ...But I just got a reeeally bad idea.