(This commentary was added in 2017)

I really dig that fourth panel! Action shots and composition are two things that give me trouble, but it turned out pretty solid there.

I forget it here and there, but Violet got a little burn from that bolt that you can see on her hand for a while after. When it comes to actual damage or injury, I don’t want it to just disappear conveniently off-panel. The silly stuff is fine, but if it matters – if it leaves a mark – then it shouldn’t just vanish.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: Coby, what are you-
Violet: Oi!

Panel 2
Violet: Would you get-
Violet: Gh-!

Panel 3
Violet: So much for that idea.

Panel 4
Coby: {doing lightning stuff with the robot thingy}
Violet: Aw, @#!!&.

Panel 5
Violet: Right. Pump /more/ juice into the thing. /That/ seems like a good idea.
Red: Actually, it's a terrible idea.

Panel 6
Red: /But/ that's not what's happening here. It looks like Coby's powers have /two/ aspects: The bolts, which we already knew about, and, now, this energy draining ability he's just accidentally discovered.

Panel 7
Violet: ...When did you even get here?
Red: Just now.
Red: It would've been quicker, but these charts don't make themselves.