(This commentary was added in 2017)

I wasn’t that satisfied with the sky once it turned cloudy, but when you’ve got exactly two colours of grey and the one you’ve been using for the robot is almost empty you make do.

I was using copics (holy heck I love copics) and those suckers are expensive, so I didn’t have that many colours. In a bunch of these pages I actually wound up supplementing the hues I had with some old crayolas.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
SFX: WHAM {robo go down yaaay}

Panel 2
Red: Woo!
Violet: Wait, that's it?
Violet: I thought that'd drag out more.

Panel 3
Violet: ...It /is/ down for good this time, right?
Red: Should be.
Red: Unless all that rattling around somehow kicked in the backup battery.

Panel 4
{Anticipatory silence.}

Panel 5
Red: We're good!
Violet: Are we /really?/
Coby: Yeah, um...

Panel 6
Coby: I don't think I can stop.

Panel 7
Coby: Also the robot just started ticking.
Coby: ...You guys should probably run now.