↓ Transcript
Panel 1
SFX: KOOOOOOOOOM {thundering}

Panel 2
Violet: You still alive?
Coby: I'll get back to you.
Coby: uuuuuuugh
Red: That was awesome!
Red: Besides almost killing us, but you know.
Coby: I'm sorry... I just couldn't hold onto it all.

Panel 3
Coby: I had to get rid of it all somewhere... Straight up seemed like the safest choice.
Coby: ooh, everything's gone spinny.

Panel 4
Caption: 30 seconds ago
Tourist 1: Ah, Chroma Tower! The highest point in the entire park! The view from this open-air platform-
Tourist 1: ...Does anyone else hear thunder?
Tourist 2: Let's you and me stand way over there for a minute.

Panel 5
Violet: Okay... Raging robot down for the count, death by electrocution narrowly evaded five or six times...
Violet: What am I forgetting?

Panel 6
Red: The self-destruct is still ticking.
Violet: No, see - This is the part where you say "nothing", and we all go home.