↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: Cops are gone. We're all clear.
Red: Sweet sweetness!

Panel 2
Red: Did any of the robot make it?
Violet: I swept everything I could find into a pile and stuck it in with all that outdoor art exhibition crap.
Red: Thanks! I'll be right back.

Panel 3
Violet: You okay?
Coby: Could be worse. You?
Violet: Fine, but...
Violet: Listen, I really need to go. My relatives will probably freak if I don't show up soon.
Coby: Oh, right.

Panel 4
Coby: So can I call you a cab, or...?
Violet: Nah. The maps website says my cousins' house is something like a block from here.
Coby: Oh. Well in that case, you want us to walk you?
Violet: Yeah...no thanks.

Panel 5
Coby: You sure? It's just...considering how your day's been going...
Violet: Oh, I am. That's why I want to get as far away from you disaster magnets as possible.
Violet: Nothing personal, but I'd rather be out of range when one of you spontaneously combusts.

Panel 6
Coby: ...Fair enough.
Violet: So...thanks for an interesting afternoon.
Violet: See you around.

Panel 7
Red: All I could get was the head. I tried for the rest of it, but then this art critic yelled that I was disrupting the creative energies of one of the greatest modern artworks of our time.
Red: Where's Violet?
Coby: She had an attack of rationality and left.
Red: Oh. That's too bad..

Panel 8
Red: I didn't even get to show her all these fireworks I found.
Coby: Put 'em down, Red.