↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Red: So how come Violet left?
Coby: Same reason everybody does: Fear of an early death without leaving enough remains to fill an ashtray.

Panel 2
Red: Really? She seemed like she was doing pretty good.
Coby: She probably wanted to quit while she was ahead.
Coby: Why is it so important?

Panel 3
Red: I just thought she'd make a good friend for you.
Coby: Red, I like guys, remember?
Red: What does that have to do with it?
Coby: Never mind. Continue?

Panel 4
Red: You should be getting out more! Connecting with other kids!
Coby: Have you been reading parenting magazines again?
Red: Just the ones at my dentist's.
Coby: So I should just run out and befriend everyone who falls out of the sky? This isn't a Miyazaki movie.
Red: It's an opportunity! Plus, you saw the way she handled the bot! She's our kind of people!
Coby: What, insane?
Red: "Open-minded".

Panel 5
Coby: Come on. One person in a hundred doesn't run away screaming. It isn't that big a deal.
Red: She was an ally! A kindred spirit! Someone to join us in our never-ending pursuit of justice!
Red: But now she is gone! Gone! GONE!

Panel 6

Panel 7
Violet: I forgot my phone.
Red: Works every time.
Coby: I didn't /want/ it to!