↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Coby: Oh, come on. You had her phone? That's just cheating.
Red: You want us to walk you?
Violet: ...Yeah, okay.

Panel 2
Coby: I thought you said you'd rather we didn't?
Red: You did?
Violet: Yes, I did...
Violet: Then I tried walking 50 yards.

Panel 3
Cowpoke: Have you seen a herd of stampeding cattle?
Cowpoke: I'm, um... taking a survey.

Panel 4
Superhero: Fear not, citizen! No robot can withstand the mighty-
Violet: It's done now.
Superhero: I knew that!
Superhero: Er...I'm rehearsing a play?

Panel 5:
Albus: Um...
Violet: Don't even bother.

Panel 6
Violet: At least the last guy gave me a rabbit.
Violet: I mean "Rab-bot".
Violet: ...This town is weird.