Avi Square sparkles

I remember spending way too long thinking about the pattern on the bottom of Coby’s sneakers only to draw something different on a later page. Clearly this is the kind of a simple mistake I will never make again!

Ahaha. Ha.

Yeah I’m lying.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Caption: Meanwhile, directly below
Tourist 1: (Gesturing to tall, pointy object.) ...And here we have "The Onyx Spire", which is known for being tall and pointy.
Tourist 2: (irritated) Gary, you don't even work here.

Panel 2
Tourist 1: (Indicating pile of scrap) Now here we have "Heap of Rusty Metal", which some suggest may not be an art piece, but simply a pile of-

Panel 3
SFX: WHAM {Coby and Violet land heavily on Tourist 1}

Panel 4
Violet: (unaffected) Oh, sure. And right over there's the "Foam Rubber in its Natural State" installation.
Tourist 2: (fine) Actually, here's good.
Tourist 1: (concussed) pretty li'l birdies...