Avi Square lil smile

See, they do have names! Names which, if examined carefully, may prove to hold some terribly clever hidden theme.

That, or, you know. The whole colour thing.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: Well, that could've ended badly.
Violet: Thanks for stepping in.
Coby: No problem, um...random falling girl.

Panel 2:
Violet: It's Violet. Violet Purpura.
Coby: Coby Sky. Delighted.
Coby: Incidentally, if you're secretly an alien, I'd appreciate you clearing that up now.
Violet: Alien?

Panel 3
Coby: {points up}
Violet: ...Right.

Panel 4
Violet: But no.
Violet: Though I /am/ new in town. In fact-
Coby: If that sentence ends with "I just dropped in", we can never be friends.
Violet: Aww, don't hate on puns.
Tourist 1: Excuse me...

Panel 5
Tourist 1: {still under Coby and Violet} You know I hate to interrupt...
Violet: Whoops.
Coby: Sorry.