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There is absolutely no reason for the snorkel save for the need for Red to show up wearing something ridiculous.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Coby: No, seriously. What was that all about?
Violet: We landed on some poor, deluded tourist.

Panel 2
Coby: It kind of feels like you're avoiding the question.
Violet: Look, rabbits!
Coby: Oh, come on.

Panel 3
Violet: Alright...it's just silly.
Violet: I was flying in because I'll be staying with some relatives, and...well, after 12 hours in an airplane, every door looks like the bathroom.
Coby: That's, uh...wow.
Violet: Yeah. And now, I really need to call my parents.

Panel 4
Violet: (taking out cell phone) Do you mind?
Coby: No, go ahead. I'll be right here.
Violet: (into phone, walking away) Hi, mom? No, I'm okay...
New voice: (from offscreen) COBY!

Panel 5
A very tall and broad-shouldered young person wearing a snorkel and carrying a screwdriver runs up to Coby.
Coby: Red? What's going on? Is everything okay?
Red: Yes! Well...kind of. No, not really. Have you seen a falling girl?

Panel 6
Coby: Just Violet.
Red: Is she-
Coby: She's fine, she's just calling her parents.
Coby: ...Red, what did you do?
Red: Well...

Panel 7
{Neither of them has seen it yet, but there's a great big robot standing just behind them.}
Red: It sounds a lot like "rowboat".

Panel 8
Violet: (on phone) ...No, I'm /not/ going to tell him I was thrown from the plane by a big robot.
Violet: That would just seem surreal.