I actually really like how the robot looks in a lot of these pages! Humans were are weird angular lumps of flesh I had huge amounts of trouble with, but having something made up of simple shapes made it a lot easier to think about it as a 3D object.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Red: It's just a hobby! It's not like it's hurting anybody except maybe that girl it threw from the plane!
Red: ...Okay, maybe it was a bad idea.

Panel 2
Coby: Just tell me you can turn it off.
Red: I've been trying for almost half an hour, but it's not responding to voice commands.

Panel 3
Red: But I do have this remote from my old toy helicopter!
Red: With a few adjustments, it just might be able to override-

Panel 4
SFX: SMASH {remote smashed by flailing robot arm}

Panel 5
Red: Never mind.

Panel 6
Coby: It comforts me no end how well in hand you have this situation.
Red: Really? Because I /clearly/ have no idea what I'm doing.