So I have no idea what that symbol is on Violet’s shirt. I think the first time I drew it (back on Page 1) the idea was for it to be a bird? or something? But I quickly forgot and it became the odd curved blob it is today.

Aren’t you glad you’re taking the time to read this commentary?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Violet: Geez, mom. It's just one robot. Have you ever considered you might be a bit overprotective?

Panel 2
SFX: zmmmm zmmmm {Robot firing laser beams}
SFX: TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP {Red and Coby being chased by robot}
Coby: Lasers? /Really?/
Red: It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Panel 3
Violet: I'll call you back.

Panel 4
Violet: Hey. What's with the robot?
Coby: Abridged version okay?
Violet: Sure, why not.

Panel 5
Coby: This is Red Bright.
Red: Hi!
Coby: His latest little endeavour is what's currently trying to brutally murder us all. Until we can shut it down, anyway.

Panel 6
Violet: And how is that one going to work?
Coby: I'm still working on that part.

Panel 7
Coby: It's odd, though... Usually they blow /themselves/ up by this point.

Panel 8
Violet: Just how often does this happen?
Coby: You know how the city's name is "New Chroma"?
Coby: He's what happened to the old one.
Red: It's all lies!