(This commentary text was added in 2017)

Even ___ years later, I still like looking back at the trees and foliage in these pages. These early backgrounds were mostly basic shapes and the green was a way to break up my still-stiff understanding of geometry. It worked pretty well.

I mention this somewhere else, but I love drawing nature and flora and such. I’ll take every opportunity to add it to the landscape.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Red: I have a brilliant and needlessly complicated plan!
Coby: It's not the same one as last week, is it?
Red: It will work this time!
Red: Given proper wind conditions.

Panel 2
Red: {continues rambling}

Panels 3 and 4
Violet: {looks around at various objects}

Panel 5
Violet: I might have an idea.
Coby: Good, because nobody here has a vacuum and I don't know Tae Kwon-Do.
Red: It could still work.