BEHOLD, FOR I HAVE MET YET ANOTHER DEADLINE. Will wonders never cease? No seriously, I think this is a record for the entire history of the comic.

There’s some little details left to do again of course, but hot dang if I didn’t have something presentable ready in time despite pretty much all of my life attempting to prevent that. WOO.


Red and Coby’s mom didn’t evaporate by the way, she’s just still having breakfast. As you may have gathered, it takes her a while to get going in the mornings.


EDIT: And page is done! Refresh to see the many hours of work that are barely noticeable! BUT THEY’RE THERE DANGIT.

What to say about this page? Still experimenting with coloured vs black outlines – It’s tricky finding the right balance between definition and cohesion. And I’m dang pleased with how Melanie’s oufit looks. And I’m probably going to regret not designing Coby’s headphones in more detail beforehand, since this is the third page that I’ve come up with some tiny detail to add to them that I’m going to have to go back and add in to the other pages later.

Oh yes, and I did this great little blurry effect of Red behind the glass in panel 2 before I realised it was where the door had to be. Because Coby and Red deserve to have their front door, I had to get rid of that nice little detail. I’ll probably get over it, but rrgh.