Barely made it! BARELY I say. Heck, this doesn’t even really count as finished but I’m counting it anyway because I busted my keister getting a readable page up at midnight and I refuse to let go of my winning streak so there you are. All the same, I’ve got some serious work left on this page, but I won’t say what it is so you won’t notice until I’ve fixed it IT’S THE SECOND PANEL I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO DO THE BACKGROUND PROPERLY AND IT’S BUGGING THE CRUD OUT OF ME.


Anyhoo, I’m sorry to say it, but I’m gonna be taking a couple weeks for stupid real life and production reasons. Due to life-things, I’m falling further behind than I feel happy with (obviously) and I need to get a bit of a lead on things. Also, hurt my hand again. Because I’m very good at that, apparently.

I’ll be sure to post silly comics or something on update days. Thanks for reading, and see you in a couple weeks!

EDIT: And the page is done! Ah, that’s much better.