Comic is en route. Check back in an hour or two.

Sorry ’bout this – It’s been a busy week.

EDIT: #$&@% it, it’s like 3am and this sucker’s still WIP. Comic will be up on Sunday.

FURTHER EDIT: During the day sometime. Possibly the evening. Monday at the latest. (On the plus side, since I did a bunch of work in advance I can guarantee next week’s comic will be on time.) (*Cringes in anticipation of retribution from the universe*) I’m taking the time to do this thing properly rather than make two kinda-finished pages in a row, and getting it to look good takes a while.

…There’s a lesson in there somewhere I will probably continue to ignore.

AND AGAIN: At last! Holy mother of crud, this one fought me all the way, it really did. But I persevered through things like live mice running through my room and my tablet shorting out every few minutes TO ACTUALLY DELIVER THIS THING ON MONDAY! And it’s only…


…Okay yeah I’m gonna go to bed forever now.