Avi Square ill

Whew. I got pretty sick about halfway through the week, so the next page isn’t done yet. I haven’t even had energy to make a new sketch comic, and those things take like…an hour. BUT. I wanted to give ya something new to read, and so we now present a special preview of Paint Chip comics.

I mentioned that I’ve got a Patreon now, right? Well here’s the deal: If you pledge at the 2$ mark or higher, you can get access to Paint Chips: A comic series running alongside the main Colour Wheel story. The stories in Paint Chips are about characters and events that might not otherwise get a lot of screen time. For example, our first story features the somewhat eventful day that Albus and that minion dude first met.

Paint Chips update on Patreon every month. Everything that happens in them is canon.