Heads up people, I’m adjusting the schedule again.

Taking the advice given me by people I can only assume have my best interests at heart, I’m officially setting Colour Wheel and the sketch comics on an either/or schedule. One or the other will always go up on Saturday depending on things and also stuff. …Granted, this is pretty much what’s been happening anyway, so nothing’s really changing per se. I’m just making things official. Those who I’ve asked seem not to mind the sketch comics too much, and it’ll help me keep up since the oncoming holiday season is always murder on production.

You also might’ve noticed a few changes around here. Of course you have! You’re observant like that.

  1. Sketch Comics have been moved to their own proper page, along with all filler and related material. The site’s home page will continue to show the most recent comic, regardless of which it is, for your viewing convenience.
  2. Pages 95 and 96 have been cleaned up and finished.
  3. Want to email the author? Want to find Colour Wheel on your favourite social media site(assuming that’s tumblr)? Of course you do. Those shiny icons at the bottom of the page are at your disposal. And speaking of which…
  4. AND DID I MENTION COLOUR WHEEL HAS ITS OWN TVTROPES PAGE NOW? I have been ridiculously happy about this since I found out.

Yes, I’ve been keeping busy. Next up are some cosmetic upgrades to the site, so keep an eye out for those!


(This commentary was added in 2017)

And here the Sketch Comics are officially, permanently added to the schedule.

Commemorated by an idiot on a banana.