Anyone who can recognise Violet’s costume may claim 500.000 points in Japanese gaming knowledge.

Incidentally, the comic’s anniversary isn’t really Halloween, but all I usually remember is that it’s “in October sometime”, so I tend to lump it in together.

Plus it gives me an excuse to do silly cr*p like this.


Costume List for the Curious (and the 99.9% of the population who don’t know who the @#$^& Violet is supposed to be)

Violet: Gilliam – Super Robot Wars OG (which has a million titles? I don’t $^#%@ know, he’s got purple hair and he’s from a Japanese game series my brother plays.)

Coby: Starfleet officer, Commander rank – Star Trek: the Next Generation

Red: Iron Man – Marvel Comics universe

Mel: Doctor Who (#1o) – Doctor Who