Avi Square yo

Hand’s better! Kind of. Now I just gotta learn how to draw without clenching the stylus in a death grip.

So, things have been kinda rocky around the ol’ homestead in various ways…basically constantly for the last few years, really. It’s been tricky continuing work on a webcomic amidst that in addition to my own deeply-rooted personal problems. (ANXIETY + DEPRESSION WOO!)

That’s not to say I’ve been doing nothing – for example, this break from drawing has just given me a reason to focus on the writing side of things more. There are some things down the line now that I am really damn excited to get to. I’ll go light on the details because spoilers, but it involves masks. It’ll make sense someday. (*maniacal laughter*)

But, now and then, it’s been a rough go.

Which is why I wanted to just say thank you to the people that’ve sent along kind words these last few months. It’s amazing how much strength I can get from a few simple words. Hearing from even one person who tells me they like what I’m doing? That makes my whole damn day.

And to everybody to comes by and reads this thing week after week: Thank you. Thank you for taking an interest in my experimenting and amateur floundering as I figure out just how the hell to tell these stories that mean so much to me.

There’s nothing I want to do more with my life. Thank you for making my humble dreams come true.